The Benefits of Google AdWords

A great benefit of the Google AdWords system is that you can test ideas, words, and phrases in minutes. I can find out what’s working and not working. When I’m writing a sales or marketing letter designed for print, I’ll often go into Goggle AdWords to experiment with different headlines, phrases, and key words—just to see what pulls best. But the best way to learn how to use Google AdWords successfully is to go there and just start playing with it. You will make mistakes. You will waste some money, as I certainly did and continue to do with all my experimenting. But it will be money well spent, because you will learn a lot about marketing and human psychology by how people respond to your ads on Google. Google AdWords is like a stern teacher that slaps my wrist with a ruler every time I break the laws of marketing. The system forces me to tailor my product, my service to the market, not to try to mold the market to fit my product. It forces me to sell people what they are asking me for with their key word searches and clicks. That’s why I’m such a Google AdWord junky.
Yahoo has a similar tool called Overture. But I have not found it nearly as productive as Google AdWords. What an awesome company Google is! I just hope Google does not ruin AdWords by becoming too greedy and charging too much.